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Waarom een webwinkel?

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Wat zijn redenen om een webwinkel te hebben? Er zijn verschillende aspecten die (samen) het een goed idee zouden kunnen maken om een webwinkel te runnen. Hier staan ze vermeld: A. Benader nieuwe markten Sommige groepen zijn beter bereikbaar met een Web-Store, dan met een fysieke winkel ‘ alleen ‘: Jonge mensen besteden veel tijd […]

Web-store for opticians

Aqqii has a web-store for opticians! The most common needs in the optician-market are covered by this version: Clear design Selection of products based on multiple criteria (Brand, sex, type/kind, age) Overview of products, picture based Capability to book appointments (multi location) Click here to see the web-store for opticians. Based on your wish, we […]

Why a web-store?

Ready-to-use web-stores, Votre e-commerce clé en main, Uw webwinkel klaar voor gebruik, Färdiga nätbutiker

What are reasons to have a web-store? There are several aspects which (together) could make it a good idea to run a web-store. Here they are listed: A. Approach new markets Some groups are better reached with a web-store, than with a physical store ‘only’: Young people spend a lot of time online. Finding your […]

Quotations – automated and online

Quotations – online and automated! To go through a quotation-process can be time-consuming. If the customer is unclear about its needs/desires, it can also be chaotic and time is wasted. Booked agendas can bring delays, where impulse buys are lost or prospects start to negotiate in a random stage. Would it not be great if […]

How can Aqqii deliver the web-store so competitive

How can Aqqii deliver web-stores so competitive? There is more than one reason for it: Build on latest commodity IT products, as much as possible open source Aqqii uses commodity IT products. They are used across many sectors and industries and guaranteed up to date. Therefor they are much more powerful and easier to maintain […]

What is needed for a web-store

What is needed for a web-store? Or how to build an online store from scratch? For a web-store there are several aspects and components needed. To explain it in simple terms, it is here compared with a physical store. A. Domain-name The domain-name is the address on the internet, e.g. www.yourwebstore.com. Normally this is the […]