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Paris, France
March 1st 2019

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Founder of Aqqii

Stéfan Potman, eCommerce engineer.

From 1996 working in the information industry for Campina, Deloitte and IBM. In the sectors food, chemicals, telecom, industry, transport, retail, banking, charity and with entrepreneurs.

I contribute to a better world, currently by working 4 hours per week voluntary at a food bank.

Webshops, websites, cheap, full service,

Even on the name there are best-practices applied. The double ii makes us happy and pronouncing it in french it means: “to who”.

The question : “To who?” is very important to us. As it keeps our focus on you, and your business.

Even, we love to help you to keep that focus!

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We aim to deliver low-costs. Rather than spending money on marketing, we would be very happy to discuss your needs in this area.

If you leave your name and telephone-number on the contact-page, we will call you (and remove your contact-details directly, if no further need comes up).

Looking forward to discussing with you!