Professional webshops for Drachten!

Drachten Friesland professional webshop

You have a physical store or a business idea. All kinds of preparations have already been made and now it is time to let Drachten, municipality Smallingerland, Friesland, the whole of the Netherlands know that you have a good offer.

You want a kickstart for your professional web-store, we have already done the following for you:

  • Technical setup of WordPress and WooCommerce (open source software, so without license costs)
  • Security settings
  • Link with Google Analytics and similar for Bing etc.
  • Sitemap and other technical settings for SEO
  • Installing and keeping plugins up to date. Stability based on experiences from other web stores
  • Database management does, where tables fill up over time

You are looking for a partner:

  • That offers good prices, because plugins are purchased in bulk. E.g. Elementor PRO is included for free. This is to make design easier and more beautiful
  • Which you can email and call for advice, e.g. about SEO, landing pages. Can come by when needed!
  • Who can support if it gets just too much, e.g. pimping the design
  • Not a salesman where surprises constantly arise

Why Drachten?

Drachten Friesland professional webshop

Drachten is beautiful and interesting, its history, the escaperoom, the sportscafe, the ski-school, the theater De Lawei, museum Dr8888, tennis at DLTC, shooting club SV Drachten and so much more!

As a company we cannot have offices everywhere, but we regularly visit Drachten. You are probably not waiting for many meetings, but when major changes are needed, it is good to sit together.

We are specialized in webshops. For the following aspects you may choose to do it yourself, outsource it to Aqqii or to any other partner you prefer:

  • Website-design
  • Gevonden worden op het internet (SEO)
  • Photos of your products

Our prices are considering your requirements and the stage you are with your company. Tell us your story and we make you an offer you can’t refuse!

We are looking forward to hear for you and build your success!

Drachten Friesland professional webshop

Drachten Friesland professional webshop
Drachten Friesland professional webshop
Drachten Friesland professional webshop

Changing Drachten

Drachten Friesland professional webshop

Contact us for web-stores serviced in Drachten


We aim to deliver low-costs. Rather than spending money on marketing, we would be very happy to discuss your needs in this area.

If you leave your name and telephone-number on the contact-page, we will call you (and remove your contact-details directly, if no further need comes up).

Looking forward to discussing with you!