FAQ coentreprendre78

WP Dashboard – Outils – Redirection – Find “/current-month/” – Modifier – change field ” URL cible”  – enregistrer

  • WP Dashboard – Articles – find an event with “Catégories” : futur – Dupliquer

The new event will be the first one listed (in the top) in WP Dashboard – Articles. It will be in state “Brouillon“.

  • Modifier (not : Modifier avec Elementor) – (in middle of the screen) Update title, picture and date
  • Modifier avec Elementor

WP Dashboard – Articles – find the event – Modifier (not : Modifier avec Elementor) – in right side of screen

– To move it from the page “Les evenements futures” to “Les evenements passes” : under “Categories – deselect “futur” and select “passe“.

– To get it in correct order on page : Les evenements passes : Under “Etat et visibilite” click on the date at ” Publier” and change date to date of event

WP Dashboard – Pages – find the relevant page – Modifier (not : Modifier avec Elementor) – below in screen under title “Droit d’acces au contenu” – tab “Roles” – mark “Administrateur” and “Profile 1”.

See here. User-id Line, password you shall store in your notes

WP Dashboard – Utilisateur – (totally in top of the page) Ajouter – enter the following fields:

  • User-id
  • Email
  • Roles utilisateur : Abonne

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