This contains the following main elements:

Technical elementCapacity depend on
(Computer) storageThe amount of information, such as pages, products, pictures, video’s, orders, etc
Computing powerThe amount and complexity of computer processes. Mainly depended on WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor and other plugins
Connection from your domain to the internetNumber of visitors

In the hosting-layer the software for WordPress is installed, as well the storage and backups are managed, e-mail addresses are created, encryption is arranged and potential software modifications can be done.

Note; all design-work and many settings are done in the software-layer.

Hosting arranged by Aqqii

Aqqii will manage and execute this layer, based on your functional needs. This saves time and guarantees leveraging of lessons learned.

You will be informed and involved if and when there is a functional impact.

The c-panel

Below you can see a part of the ‘c-panel’. This front-end gives access to several tools.

Easy simple webshop

We aim to deliver low-costs. Rather than spending money on marketing, we would be very happy to discuss your needs in this area.

If you leave your name and telephone-number on the contact-page, we will call you (and remove your contact-details directly, if no further need comes up).

Looking forward to discussing with you!