What are reasons to have a web-store?

There are several aspects which (together) could make it a good idea to run a web-store. Here they are listed:

A. Approach new markets

Some groups are better reached with a web-store, than with a physical store ‘only’:

  1. Young people spend a lot of time online. Finding your web-store and products there, might trigger them to a purchase.
  2. People with very little time and or who just don’t appreciate shopping in the traditional way.
  3. Handicapped people, or people with disabilities.
  4. People who live a bit further away.

B. Benefit from impulse purchases

Why not enjoying the impulse purchases? Both the buyer as well you as a seller. Else your competitor might do so.

C. Optimize staffs time available

In many markets there are peaks. Many people come just after work, or in the weekend. Prospects and customers can better prepare themselves online. Actually, many people appreciate that, comparing key aspects between models and vendors. It will save you a visit, or they can be handled more efficient.
It might even be possible to reduce some staff, during some hours.

D. Less cash in the physical store

Payments done online will bring less money physically in the store. Thereby there will be less logistics, risks and manual mistakes.

E. Less requirements and costs on the physical store

In case there is ‘only’ a physical store, the need to be on a premium location is high.
Also the need for square meters is lower when a part of the provision of information and sales is done online.
Provision of information can online be supported via mailings, the web-site and a chat-function.

F. Easing administrative handlings

The web-stores are designed to receive the (sales)order, trigger the delivery and receive the payment. If your business spends a lot of time in administering this flow, a web-store can free up time.

G. Community building and better service

Many of your clients will be positive to give contact details. E.g. to get informed about the delivery. Respecting their privacy, with their consent, this can be valuable information for you.

You can notice them on offers, special occasions and other useful information.

H. Day and night open, all days a week

A web-store is naturally always open (exclude some minor time for technical maintenance).

Final note

Depending on the market and product, these aspects can be more or less relevant.
You need to determine whether or not it is worth the time and money. Hopefully this overview helps on that.

You fear it is expensive or hard? Read here how we can help you.

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