On your own domain
Choose your own domain, e.g. https://yourpage.com

- Better found by search engines (e.g. Google)
- More flexible to your needs
- Professional presentation
Competitive price
You benefit from:

- Economy of scale
Aqqii procures larger packages and group licenses.
We apply lessons learned on multiple web-stores

- Pre-developed ready-to-use web-stores
Costs related to development and maintenance is split over multiple web-stores

- Standard market-leading products
Aim to use standard product, meaning no custom coding.
Unlimited number of products
There is no costs or effort based on the number of products you have in your web-store.
So why would we make a price-model based on that?
Technical work completely done
We arrange all the technical work for you, so you can focus on your business.
We outsource some work (e.g. hosting, more in-debt programming), but we have a lot in-house, such as:
Application support WordPress, WooCommerce and for many plugins
Management of the hosting partner, c-panel control incl. maintenance of files for SEO
Basic programming Php, CSS
Trained and experienced capacity to convert your business requirements into technical specifications
Et cetera

We arrange the setup
maintain the web-store
test upgrades to avoid down-time
and inform you on best-practices and lessons learned
Support for all the related needs
The web-store is first and core element for your online sales. Of course we can help you in the related needs, such as:

- Well found on the internet
SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) to work best with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, Ask.com, Excite, DuckDuckGo and others

- Optimize the loading-speed of your web-store
Not only good for the customer-experience, even the search engines have faster web-stores better ranked

- Design your web-store responsive
To have it working well on pc, tablet and mobile

- Advise and templates for terms and conditions, privacy statements, cookie notices etcetera

- Accessibility for visually impaired

- Support on colours and logo
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We aim to deliver low-costs. Rather than spending money on marketing, we would be very happy to discuss your needs in this area.

If you leave your name and telephone-number on the contact-page, we will call you (and remove your contact-details directly, if no further need comes up).

Looking forward to discussing with you!