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Euro per month
(excl VAT)

The web-store is hosted on your domain-name, available on the internet and support is provided. Based on WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor PRO. This is the base offering at Aqqii.


Extra storage space
Price per Gigabyte

This space can be used for any purpose (websites, web store, e-mails etc).


Extra capacity for visits
Price per 10.000 visits per month

The web-store is hosted on your domain-name and support is provided.


Simplifies XML data transfer to external systems, such as fulfillment services or CRMs


This offering enables all web-site pages (including the store) to show language specific content based on the selection of the visitor of your domain.


Possibility to chat with visitors of your websites. Note: Limited free version is included for free


For an extra website page on the same domain-name (e.g. as your store. Note the pages included in the ‘Hosting and support’ offering.


Integrates your store to your Google Analytics account, which gives you insights to improve sales.


Extra payment methods. For web-stores with currency Euro.


Automatically create and attach a fully customizable PDF invoice.
Note: standard is an invoice in an email.


If you wonder how Aqqii can deliver this competitive, please see this blog!