Quotations - online and automated!

To go through a quotation-process can be time-consuming. If the customer is unclear about its needs/desires, it can also be chaotic and time is wasted. Booked agendas can bring delays, where impulse buys are lost or prospects start to negotiate in a random stage.

Would it not be great if this can be automated? A structured collection of filling in the needs and wishes at a, for him or her convenient time. No mistakes possible and the quotation is directly available on the screen or send by mail.

For some businesses a more detailed alignment might be still needed. This can be mentioned in the initial confirmation. But at least expectations are set.

How is it realized?

It is pretty much the same as a web-store. For the Aqqii site, it is based on the web-store platform (WordPress, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce). We have only made some adjustments in the coding. Of course in a sustainable way, e.g. with a child-theme.

Show it!

Click here to see a version.

But it can look as any other web-stores, with pictures and all.

What is needed from me?

It requires the same base-information as a web-store, see here. It is (likely) simpler for the aspects payment, delivery and the collection of personal data (and privacy).

For the example shown, the pricing is similar as a web-store, with an additional 10 euro per month.

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