The e-commerce solution we offer is based on the following software-components:

WordPress (WP)
Enable to make websites, web-stores, blogs, online communities, etc.
It is an open-source software and it’s free and available to download from the Over 60% (April 2019) of all websites are running on WordPress.

This type of software is called content management system (CMS). It enables users to create, manage, and modify content on a website, without needing to know anything about code. More information can be found e.g. this Wikipedia-site.

Selection criteria: best-in-class, actively developed, low license costs and good support.


To support sales over the internet, there are so called “e-commerce” solutions. The e-commerce solution for WordPress (WP) is WooCommerce. This software is installed inside WP (a so called “plugin”).

WooCommerce provides the possibility to maintain all data on products, in a structured way. As well the functionality, for a website-visitor, to select products (‘put them in a basket’) and pay.

For the shop-owner WooCommerce provides to make settings, on how the software should behave. So you can choose between the most used ways of working.

Aqqii has the experience, blogs, video’s and links
~ Fast up to speed ~

Elementor is a ‘page builder’ for WordPress with (August 2019) over 2 million active installations. Therewith you can create beautiful websites by simply dragging and dropping widgets (text, button, image, video etc). Aqqii has the license for all functionalities, which will be allocated to your domain as well.

Elementor is also a plug-in, installed inside WP. It supports responsive designs.


Aqqii will deliver expert-support where you need it.
~ A huge time-saver ~

Software management

Aqqii will procure, install, maintain and keep all software up to date. This also applies for extra plugins you might need.

You can count on Aqqii for support on how to use WP, WooCommerce and Elementor.

The above is standard service by Aqqii, without extra costs (except for the license costs for extra plugins). Based on your requirements, we’ll give you an overview of these in the earliest stage (project approaches, ‘startup’).

We can support in selecting extra needed plugins.

Aqqii will do what it is best in
~ So you can focus on what you are best in ~


We aim to deliver low-costs. Rather than spending money on marketing, we would be very happy to discuss your needs in this area.

If you leave your name and telephone-number on the contact-page, we will call you (and remove your contact-details directly, if no further need comes up).

Looking forward to discussing with you!