After the foundation is laid (reference to the menu), it is now possible to build a website.

Doing this well is a profession in itself. But it is fairly well possible to just get started. Likely you need a couple of versions, improving over time. 
A semi-do-it-yourself is also possible. E.g. with the rough setup done, and yourself to further finish it (with some expert-support only).

You will need:

  • To decide the structure of the website, which will have a reflection on the pages.
  • To write the content for it
  • Define a house-style (colors, logo, letter-type, size, etc)
  • Acquaint to the software
  • Layout each page
  • Arrange pictures

If you prefer to make it look professional and be efficient, it can be outsourced. Aqqii can help out, or we can recommend a partner. Each has it’s own strength and (personal) style.

When building a webstore, there will come some extra pages to your website. E.g. a display of all products, a product-detail page, a cart, a payment etc. Styling these is generally little work.

Moving your website to Aqqii

In case you already have a website, it will be transferred to Aqqii(s hosting partner), as clarified on the Domain page.

Some advises

In case you build the website yourself:

  • What is your audience looking for?
  • Each page should serve one goal. This is clear for the visitor, as well it will improve how Search Engines (e.g. Google) will rank you (SEO).
  • Browse the internet for some good reference websites
  • Check also the websites of competitors
  • Extra languages added a while after go life, as the text in the first language will likely change several times
  • To determine color-codes:
  • to find matching colors
  • Photo's without copy-write are available on and and
  • Rename the photos to terms related to your offering. It will improve your SEO.
  • To test it on several type of devices (smartphones, tables, laptops, etc), you can do this in a store for these. When life a while, you can see in Google Analytics what most of your visitors use, and what should be the priority.

In case you outsource the build of the website:
Consider also the above items marked double and:

  • Realize that changing the content, can very well also change the structure of the website, and or the layout of the pages.
  • List Item